Why Brainalyzed?

Artificial swarm intelligence is redefining the way companies are operated and businesses are run. At Brainalyzed, we apply the advancements in AI technology to address different use cases. Our AI solutions are built to reduce costs and risks, increase operational efficiency, and help you take better decisions.

Redefine your business with Brainalyzed

Our AI solutions enable you to be efficient, smart, and stay ahead of your competition.

Modern learning approach

Traditional learning approaches limit your ability to explore numerous possibilities for your business. The AI model design is driven by human intuition, a poor guide for such complex systems. The result is lowered AI performance. Your business deserves something better than that — Brainalyzed Insight. Our platform ensures only relevant inputs are used in the resulting AI swarm. Within the training process, the network architecture is adapted to best fit the prediction problem and the data available. This prevents the overfitting of the AI models in cases where only a small data set exists, keeping the AI model agile and running effectively.

Inside the hive mind

Predictions are based on artificially intelligent swarms that have proven to be optimal for each performance objective. You have the option to define a variety of metrics best suited to describe the prediction problem. Each member of the AI swarm is unique in its combination of architecture, input and neuron weights, making predictions stable and diverse. The AI swarm models built out of Brainalyzed Insight are operational in real time and are chosen by you. The real-time performance is closely monitored for both the initial and near-optimal models, allowing you to remedy poorly performing models with those from the near-optimal models.

Pre-built use cases for every industry

Brainalyzed Insight includes pre-built use cases for industries such as finance, consumer goods, health and pharma, to name a few. Each pre-built use case is developed in collaboration with industry experts. In this way, we ensure that you can immediately put to action industry best practices for standard applications and begin your model training. The final AI Swarms enable you to reduce the time analyzing data manually, taking decisions, or running completely automated processes.

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