Team Members


Dr. Gunter Fischer

Founder & CEO

Gunter is a forward-thinker with 13 filled patents and has a keen interest artificial intelligence. Upon graduating from Cranfield University/GB with an Engineering Doctorate in technical optimization, he held several positions at Nordex SE, before co-founding Brainalyzed.

Thomas Kopetsch

Founder & CTO

Since his early ages with a C64 Thomas has been fascinated by computer technology. With his strong technical background (graduate from Technical University in Berlin) he held software engineering positions at Rolls-Royce and Nordex SE and has been full stack developer for over 10 years.

Lea Fischer

Lea Fischer
After her graduation as MSc in Life Science (University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg), she joined Beiersdorf where she established the global R&D portfolio as well as the innovation management. With her ability to effectively communicate complex concept and to build trustful relationships, she brings in a unique set of skills and experiences.