Innovative Fraud Detection

Brainalyzed Insight delivers the most sophisticated AI-powered solution that actively detects malicious actions and keep your company compliant and safe from fraud.

Intelligent fraud risk analysis

Brainalyzed Insight is a powerful artificial swarm intelligence platform that is built with the foresight into next-gen fraud. Our machine learning algorithms identify patterns from large volumes of data. This combined with insights from industry experts, our platform is powered to spot fraud trends early on and protect your business.

Data-backed decisions

We are disrupting the conventional approach to risk mitigation in a world of real-time payments. Brainalyzed Insight is up to date on the latest compliance and regulatory standards. Our analysis crosses all captured data, right from payment information to purchase history to ensure prompt signaling of any risk in transaction. This enables you to make precise and timely data-driven decisions.

Proactive. Real-time. Data-driven.

With Brainalyzed Insight by your side, you worry less about fraudulence and compliance, and focus more growing your business.