Predict customer churn with AI

Unleashing the power of artificial swarm intelligence for customer success


Brainalyzed Insight lets you leverage the advantages of the latest artificial swarm intelligence technology and our data science expertise. It helps you automatically learn about your customer behavior. It empowers you to remove the guesswork out of customer-risk assessment and employ advanced artificial neural networks and machine learning algorithms for accurate predictions.

Tailored and data driven

Brainalyzed Insight is built in collaboration with the world’s leading customer success experts to create best-in-class customer churn prediction models. Our artificial swarm intelligence model is tailored to your unique use case. By leveraging every inch of your customer data, it is laser-focused on improving renewals and growing revenue for your business.

Predict. Analyze. Act.

Detect early signs of churn behavior with predictive AI, identify root causes with data-visualization, take actionable decisions to retain high-risk customers at the right time.