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Your financial investment decisions need a unique set of forecasting tools to stay ahead of your market curve. Brainalyzed Insight helps you choose the right parameters from the vast pool of unique fundamental and technical data parameters to draw granular insights and discover the right investment avenues.

Predict market movements

As a financial investor, you cannot afford to be uncertain about your investment decisions. Brainalyzed Insight blends the power of artificial swarm intelligence and data to make accurate risk predictions, drive innovation, and make well-informed decisions.

Accelerate AI through automation

You don’t need an army of data scientists to build and deploy AI models for your financial enterprise. Brainalyzed Insight’s evolutionary design automates the model training process. By leveraging our off-the-shelf ML and DL building blocks, you can create reusable AI models that empower your citizen data scientists, scale your capacity for AI, and make accurate stock market prediction.

Hear it from our customers

“We at Baloise Asset Management have developed a great partnership with Brainalyzed. Their dedication to the project is outstanding. One of the key reasons for us to choose Brainalyzed is their unique platform that allows us to tailor the AI swarm models close to what we have in mind and what we want to achieve. It provides us with the right insights, keeping up with the market trends, and helping us stay ahead of the curve.”


Stephan Kamps

Head of Portfolio Management


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