AI for Endowments and Pension Funds

Make intelligent decisions about your investments and revenue

Make smart investments

You are entrusted with the savings and donations of millions of people. To keep the financial engine running, you need to fund operating costs and invest in future projects. With Brainalyzed Insight, you can make profitable investments by quickly analyzing large quantities of data and spotting signals on price movements.

Gain returns higher than market benchmarks

It is getting increasingly difficult to generate alpha through traditional investment strategies. With our AI platform, you can discover new data sets and make useful correlations. Our powerful machine learning (ML) algorithms, helps you identify previously unexplored patterns and correlations that support your investment decisions and bring you more returns.

Improve operational efficiency

Your data team relies heavily on vast quantities of data. Error in data processing can affect your decision-making process and increase operational risks. With Brainalyzed Insight, you can scale data tasks for efficiency. Our ML algorithms identify and flag outliers within the large data sets and flag them. This saves time and reduces costs for your business.

Turn data into risk-averse mid-term investment decisions to reap long-term returns

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