About us

Brainalyzed is the creator of Brainalyzed Insight, the world's first artificial swarm intelligence platform, making deep learning technology accessible for everyone.

Democratizing Artificial Intelligence

Right now, the accessibility of artificial swarm intelligence is limited to mainly to large enterprises with extreme large budgets. This is one of the key reasons why today’s deep learning technology is complex, slow, and expensive. We, at Brainalyzed, want to disrupt this thought – we want to bring AI to businesses of all sizes.

Our story

AI isn’t for everyone – a myth that has created insecurity and fear amongst most traditional companies and their workforce and in turn lead to a slow uptake of the technology. Gunter and Thomas, the founders of Brainalyzed, realized early on that if large parts of the society are left out of this revolution, a huge potential is being wasted. So, they set out debunk this myth. They developed the first distributed learning system for their own use cases. Later in 2017, they transformed it to the technology that now sits at the core of Brainalyzed. The vision and goal of Brainalyzed is to make AI easily accessible to every user, by digitally mimicking the work of data scientists. Brainalyzed is now a powerful platform that empowers users to easily explore their data, test various hypothesis, and roll-out high-performing AI swarms, without worrying about the operational challenges of AI technology.

Meet the Brainalyzed team

Gunter Fischer
CEO Co-founder
Monica Maria
Head of Marketing
Mitar Škoro
Frontend Developer
Nikola Marić
Backend Developer
Thomas Kopetsch
CTO Co-founder
Žarko Vulikić
Backend Developer
Simeon Škoro
Frontend Developer
Marko Savić
Frontend Developer
Mladen Dakic
Backend Developer
Harald Berndt
Development Advisor
Kevin Gibney
Adam Bogdanović
Backend Developer
Milutin Milićević
Backend Developer