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Transform data into actionable insights

Brainalyzed Insight ensures that only relevant input is used in creating AI swarms. The network architecture evolves to best fit the prediction problem without overfitting the AI model.

Build powerful AI models

Only relevant input is used to create AI swarms

Our artificial swarm intelligence model ensures that you stay on top of things by automatically identifying and recommending what matters the most to your business. You can now enjoy the flexibility of AI without disrupting your existing workforce and processes.

See what matters

Identify what matters most to your business

With Brainalyzed Insight, you can quickly transform complex data into actionable insights. This enables you to take timely and well-informed decisions that reduce costs and improve business revenue.

Improve revenue

Quickly transform data into actionable insights

Brainalyzed Insight is built keeping the non-data scientist in mind. You do not require any coding or programming experience to assemble AI blocks. Our platform gives you the simplest path to enable faster innovation, and develop reproducible and scalable machine learning models.

Easy to use

No coding experience required to build AI models

Our customers

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Why choose Brainalyzed Insight

Brainalyzed Insight is an end-to-end modern AI solution that removes barriers to AI adoption. This enables businesses to rapidly build, deploy, and scale AI solutions. Thanks to its no-code platform, you can design your own custom AI solutions with ease and drive business growth like never before.

For industry experts

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  • Hassle free experimentation process and minimal infrastructure work
  • A single platform to build, validate and deliver AI models
  • Complete ownership of AI model development and deployment

For architects

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  • Deploy only once but scale whenever needed
  • Reduce data centre costs and optimize resource allocation
  • Faster iterations and better visibility into the AI projects

For business leaders

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  • Get better insights into AI model development
  • Reduce time to market and improve business revenue
  • Transform your business into an AI enterprise

Hear it from our customers

“We at Baloise Asset Management have developed a great partnership with Brainalyzed. Their dedication to the project is outstanding. One of the key reasons for us to choose Brainalyzed is their unique platform that allows us to tailor the AI swarm models close to what we have in mind and what we want to achieve. It provides us with the right insights, keeping up with the market trends, and helping us stay ahead of the curve.”


Stephan Kamps

Head of Portfolio Management


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