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Brainalyzed helps you harness the power of AI to transform your business and drive it forward.

What is Brainalyzed?

Brainalyzed is an artificial swarm intelligence platform, the first of its kind, built to outperform man-made models. We believe that AI is for everyone. Our vision is to open the possibilities of AI to every organization, by significantly lowering the barriers of entry for this fascinating technology.

Disruptive and Preemptive

We help you see what matters

Brainalyzed Insight is a self service platform that combines the might of multi-objective optimization and state-of-the-art deep learning technology to strike an unparalleled balance of AI fidelity and AI creation simplicity. Our artificial swarm intelligence models ensures that you stay on top of things by automatically identifying and recommending what matters the most to your business. Designed keeping your business in mind, our solutions empower you with the flexibility of AI without disengaging your existing workforce and processes.

Insightful and Agile

We help you stay nimble and well-informed

Brainalyzed Insight presents a new paradigm shift in data collection. A rich set of data is collected from multiple sources at a fraction of the time needed in the past. The platform ensures that only relevant input is used in creating AI swarms. The network architecture gets evolved to best fit the prediction problem without overfitting the model. With Brainalyzed Insight, it isn’t only about the cost or the time saved in the collection of data. It is about the visibility that you have into the quality of the insights that allow you to make well-informed decisions.

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